As a police officer I had many TRIM assessments and counselling for the worst incidents attended. Since I left in 2012 I have been troubled with certain images I saw on my last unit. I would get flashbacks, disturbed sleep, feelings of anger that I was struggling to contain.
I spoke with Gena about this after I mentioned my issues with a mutual friend.
Gena told me how NLP works as as I said before I didn't hold my hopes out of it working!
Gena helped me work on my most disturbing flashback and even though I cannot fully explain the theory behind it, I haven't seen or been troubled by the image!!
This is the first time something has actually worked and I'm not only astounded, but very very grateful to Gena.
I couldn't recommend Gena or the therapies she offers highly enough! It has set me onto the right road to sorting out my PTSD x


I recently attended a meta-kinetic session with Gena. I didn't know what to expect, but Gena was very good at talking through the process and making me feel at ease.

During the session a number of issues were identified, which Gena then spent time working upon. I found the whole experience fascinating and came away feeling relaxed, whilst I don't understand how it all works, it certainly seemed to send me away in a much better frame of mind.