Meta Health Analysis

Meta-health is an integrative approach to health. It is an in-depth analysis of the root cause of your symptoms (the deep core issues). Finding the underlying conflicts, issues or triggers allows conscious conflict resolution, allowing a release of the condition/symptoms.
The natural cycle of, stress - regeneration, is a constant and natural biological cycle. It's when we take time to rest and rejuvenate that we can heal and evolve! Please see diagram below.
Meta-health is an integrative medical approach to change. It is a process using the mind, body, spirit, social interactions and environmental interactions to remove the shocks and ongoing stress to help the body be free of disease, pains and ailments.
The analysis will help identify why a disease is there, what caused it, how long it will last and why it appeared based on the symptoms.
A shock or significant emotional event precedes a health condition. If the shock was so unexpected that we would not have had the strategy to be able to deal with the emotional impact it may cause a disease process. These shocks show up on CAT scans as rings in a brain area that links embryonically to a part of an organ in the body. The reaction of the organ is designed to assist the person to solve the initial shock, however, we often get stuck or re-triggered and it can become a chronic disease process.


​META-Kinetics, is an advanced form of muscle testing, allowing the Practitioner to communicate directly with the body's mind and conduct a META-Health enquiry. This also allows the Practitioner to identify, collect and release clients' stress. The client's body-field chooses the Therapy plan it feels will benefit it most.

Generally in today's modern world most of us are generally over-stressed, a sustainable goal is to release stress, which may result in temporary symptoms. This may include: tiredness, temporary aches and pains or cold-like symptoms. These are signs of a successful intervention as it will have brought the client out of stress and into regeneration!